Help us secure Hopia's Park

Funds raised: Php 40,170.00

Hopia’s Park is the sanctuary’s outdoor roaming area for the animals. It was named in memory of a very special dog that we cared for but passed away before we moved to the sanctuary. Hopia would have enjoyed all this space with her furry siblings.

Please indicate “Hopia’s Park” along with your donation.

Remembering Hopia, who spent many years inside her shelter kennel…

She kept to herself, not making a sound, and would go unnoticed by many. With her health problems and odd appearance, it was no wonder that no one took any interest in adopting her. We vowed to change all that. We imagined how happy she would be when we moved to the farm, but she never got to see it. Please help us honor her memory by helping her furry siblings. 

Where your donations will go

Hopia’s Park needs to be secured with fences to keep our residents inside the property. It will also keep them away from the driveways. 

BUDGET: Php 250,000

Please indicate “Hopia’s Park” along with your donation.

Steel matting

to enclose the park and keep the dogs from escaping the property

Hollow blocks

to hold the steel matting in place and keep dogs from digging out

Sand & Cement

for concrete laying of retaining walls and pathways

Steel rebars

to reinforce the concrete and steel matting for a stronger fence

Minor landscaping

to adorn the park with new plants, trees, and pathways


or professional fee for masonry and welding work

Our previous projects

All of our animal areas were built from donations. From bamboo and tarp structures to cement and steel housing, our senior and special needs animals are now safe from the elements and living in moderate comfort. 

The new "Howie's House"

Purpose: Dogs' indoor living area
Budget: Php 170,000
Funded by: Individual donors
Major donor: Ms. Cherry G.
Their old garage

Our dogs lived temporarily in our garage/laundry area which was built with bamboo and tarp. This structure was demolished by typhoon Karding. Thankfully, the dogs had already moved to their new house.
The new "Tapsi's Lodge"

Purpose: Cats' indoor living area including a caretaker's utility area
Budget: Php 450,000
Funded by: Individual donors
Major donor: Online Micro Sellers Multipurpose Cooperative
The old structure

This also used to be the dogs' temporary home, which was repurposed for the cats. It is now completely unrecognizable!
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