KAPON – Benefits of Spaying and Neutering your Pets

When a companion animal is sterilized/kapon (spayed/neutered), it no longer wanders in search of a mate. As a result, it is more likely to remain at home, avoiding potentially disastrous accidents like getting fatally injured. A pet is also less likely to contract infectious illnesses and engage in physical fights with other animals.

The risk of acquiring prostatic illness and hernias in male pets is reduced by neutering, and the risk of testicular cancer is eliminated. In addition, it helps to alleviate issues of territorial and sexual aggressiveness and improper urination.

It is recommended that female pets be spayed as soon as possible after their first heat cycle to prevent breast cancer. In many adult intact female animals, life-threatening deadly illnesses like pyometra can occur. Spaying your pet reduces the heat cycle, which causes unwanted behavior, erratic mood swings, and messy spotting (in dogs).

Why it’s important to spay or neuter your cat or dog

  • Sterilized dogs and cats are more likely to live longer and healthier lives. They have a minimal to zero chance of developing malignancies of the mammary gland, prostate, perianal, pyometra, uterine, and testicular glands. This lengthens the lifespan of a dog by one to three years, and a cat by three to five years. Wouldn’t you want to spend more time with your pets?
  • Sterilized pets are less inclined to wander, decreasing the likelihood of disease transmission or injury. According to studies, up to 85% of dogs injured by automobiles are not spayed or neutered. According to research, intact male cats left outdoors have an expected lifespan of less than two years.
  • Spaying or neutering minimizes the overpopulation of companion animals. Cats and dogs reproduce 45 and 15 times, respectively, more than humans. This high reproduction rate may result in unwanted animals, contributing to the rise in strays.
    • Having the right amount of pets based on your capacity to support and care for them will help ensure an excellent quality of life for your companion animals. It increases the chance that you will have sufficient time, space at home, and financial capability to cover their daily needs, regular vet visits, training, and health emergencies until the end of their life.
    • By assisting in population control through sterilization, you minimize the number of animals that undergo euthanasia. Overpopulation of unwanted animals has led to policies that prescribe euthanasia to strays caught by local pounds.
    • It is excellent for the community.
      • Stray and unwanted animals may also be dangerous to people’s health and well-being, pollute public spaces, sow fear, cause traffic accidents, and possibly harm livestock or other animals.
      • Government pounds and private shelters spend thousands to control and minimize strays and their negative impact on the public. These entities are often overburdened by the continuous rise in the stray population.

Spaying and neutering are best for you, your pet, and the community.

This article is not intended to be a replacement for veterinary advice. This article’s goal is to raise awareness of a potentially life-threatening health problem that your beloved pet may have already encountered, is now dealing with, or may face in the future. We care for your animals as much as we care for ours at Best Friends Furever Sanctuary.

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