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Viserion's Story

Viserion was rescued by The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). He has come to retire at our sanctuary for senior and special needs animals. 

Someone left Viserion tied to a post between Lido and Yellow Cab on Visayas Ave. QC. He managed to cut himself loose and hid under parked cars. When rescuers arrived, he willingly entered the crate, as if just waiting for a ride to the shelter!

Viserion didn’t use to be a tripod. He was seen along Visayas Ave. in Quezon City, dragging his bleeding hind legs. His injuries turned out to be either inborn or caused by past trauma, and not a recent hit and run incident.

The vet amputated his left hind leg because it had severely atrophied and hindered his ability to strengthen his right hind leg. After some therapy, his remaining leg has started to regain some function.

Viserion is also incontinent and prone to urine scalding. Because of this, a mass formed on his genitals and it had to amputated as well. A “sex change” was effectively performed, and that area has to be washed and protected with petroleum jelly at least 2x a day.

Despite all his hardships, he remains one of our most affectionate and playful canine resident. There’s no stopping him, with or without his wheelchair.

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