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Skater's Story

Skater was rescued by The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). He has come to retire at our sanctuary for senior and special needs animals. 

Skater was found inside a box on the side of the road, terrified and confused. You could see the relief on his face when he was rescued!

With all his legs deformed, we didn’t think he could walk at all. He was clearly another product of breeding gone wrong, and when his owner realized he was never going to bring them any profit, they decided to discard him like garbage 🙁

We decided to foster him right away. We named him Skater because we planned to build a skateboard-type of device so he could walk around. However, we discovered that he didn’t need one at all — at least, not yet.

Because he’s different, he is prone to sores on his limbs and it takes a lot of effort for him to climb even small steps. He may need an assistive device when he gets older, but for now he’s just grateful to be out of that awful box and enjoying farm life with his furry siblings.

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